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Governance Work Group

The Governance Work Group reviews the ASDA governance documents to keep documents current. The work group also ensures that all ASDA documents are consistent with the governing documents.

  Governance Work Group 2015-1 

Name  Position  Chapter 
Niveditha Rajagopalan  Vice President (Chair) Midwestern-Illinois
Paula Cohen  Speaker of the House Florida
Lydia Lancaster  District 7 Trustee Ohio State
Sohaib Soliman  District 10 Trustee Washington
Nancy Honeycutt  Staff Liaison ASDA Central Office

Past accomplishments
  • The Work Group amended the Standing Rules of the Board of Trustees Appendix 2 “Organization of Districts” to include states with no dental schools within each district. The Board of Trustees and Council on Advocacy will monitor legislative issues affecting dental students in these states.
  • The Work Group amended the Standing Rules of the Board of Trustees, Section 19 “ADA Liaisons” to read “ASDA Consultants” to reflect ADA terminology.
  • The Work Group proposed an amendment to Bylaws Article IV, Section 5 “Term” to allow varying term lengths for different national leadership positions. 
  • The Work Group proposed an amendment to the Standing Rules of the House of Delegates, Section 7, Elections B, Election Code of Conduct, to update language and include a social media provision. 
  • The Work Group proposed an amendment to the Board of Trustees Standing Rules, Section 3, Appointment of National Leaders to Councils and Work Groups, to clarify the role of Board liaisons to councils and work groups. 
  • The Work Group proposed an amendment to Current ASDA Statement of Position or Policy, Section A-4, Distribution of Grades, to recommend dental schools distribute student grades in a timely manner. 

Leadership Development Work Group

The leadership Development Work Group is responsible for the national leadership training curriculum as well as training for chapter leaders. The vision of the work group is establishing the foundation for leaders in dentistry.

 15 LDWG 

Name  Position  Chapter 
Gregory Shank   Chair Stony Brook
Erin Fraundorf  District 7 Trustee Louisville
Aaron Henderson  District 8 Trustee Minnesota
Christian Piers  Executive Committee Member Colorado
Danielle Bauer  Staff Liaison ASDA Central Office

Past accomplishments
  • The Work Group created training videos for the positions of chapter president, treasurer and legislative liaisons. They are posted in the chapter training section of, titled New Leader Training.
  • PowerPoint presentations were developed with talking points on the topics of public speaking and CV writing for chapters to use at lunch & learns. Presentations are posted at the chapter presentations section of
  • The Work Group submitted a report to the Board of Trustees on restructuring national leadership positions and received approval on the following recommendations:
    • Create a defined application process for the LDWG chair position
    • Develop guidelines for council chair appointments if an associate is not applying
    • Create a best practices and timeline document to share with incoming chairs
    • Assign EC mentors to each council chair and encourage them to continue in national leadership roles
  • The Work Group developed additional mentorship resources, including an e-mail template to send to someone after you meet at a networking event, tips on how to connect with a potential mentor and tips on how to be a good mentor. Resources are available on ASDA’s website mentorship section.

Council on Sessions

The Council on Sessions plans ASDA's Annual Session. The council develops the agenda, selects speakers and determines the schedule of events.

 15 Sessions 

Name  Position  Chapter 
Adrien Lewis  Vice President (Chair) Houston
Kristopher Mendoza  Immediate Past President Los Angeles
Mandy Alamwala  District 1 Trustee Tufts
Laine Janzen  District 11 Trustee Western
Meghan Keelean  Staff Liaison ASDA Central Office
Kelsey Hays  Staff Liaison ASDA Central Office

Note: national leaders are appointed to a one-year term on a work group by the board of trustees. Applications are not accepted for these roles. 

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