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016-17 Governance Work GroupL-R: Keely O'Sullivan, Matthew Bridges, Sohaib Soliman, Alex Mitchell, Kathryn Dickmann 

Governance Work Group

The Governance Work Group reviews the ASDA governance documents to keep documents current. The work group also ensures that all ASDA documents are consistent with the governing documents.

Name  Position  Chapter 
Sohaib Soliman  President (Chair) Washington
Matthew Bridges  Speaker of the House Oklahoma
Alex Mitchell  District 3 Trustee Temple
Kathryn Dickmann  District 6 Trustee Detroit Mercy
Keely O'Sullivan  Staff Liaison ASDA Central Office

Past accomplishments
  • The Governance Work Group (GWG) developed a “Delegate Motion Guide” for delegates to use during the House of Delegates meetings at Annual Session. The guide is intended to help attendees gain a better understanding of parliamentary procedure as well as help delegates present motions on the House floor.
  • The GWG reviewed ASDA’s governing documents and submitted resolutions to the 2016 House of Delegates. The GWG proposed the following amendments:
    • Standing Rules of the House of Delegates:
      • Section 7. Elections, B. ‘Election Code of Conduct’ outlines the process should there be an insufficient number of candidates for president/vice president and speaker.
      • Section 7. Elections, C. ‘Presentation of Platform to the House of Delegates’ clarifies presentation procedures for candidates who are running for president/vice president and speaker.
      • Section 7. Elections, D. ‘Questioning of Advancing Candidates’ clarifies procedures for questioning candidates who are running for president/vice president and speaker.
    • Current Statements of Position or Policy
      • B-1 Predoctoral Training in a Hospital Setting eliminates unnecessary language outlining specific hospital procedures.
      • B-4 Externships adds ‘specialty’ as one of the options for externships.
      • B-7 Extramural Clinical Rotations in Underserved Areas removes unnecessary language regarding curriculum.
      • B-9 Written Consent for Student-to-Student Injections provides additional language regarding student-to-student procedures not limited to just injections.
      • C-3 Independent Practice clarifies the intent of the policy by adding ‘dentist-led team.’
      • C-5 Accreditation of Dental Programs clarifies language to not be in conflict with ASDA’s C-2 Policy.
      • D-1 Student Involvement in Dental Research adds ‘research conferences’ in an effort to encourage participation in these types of events.
      • D-2 Use of Animals in Research, Testing and Education eliminates lengthy and redundant language.
      • E-3 School Closings adds a provision for tuition reimbursement should a dental school close.
      • E-8 Faculty-Student Interaction encourages clinical faculty be trained by schools to promote mutual respect between administration, faculty and students.
      • G-1 Student Representation in National Organizations Determining Educational Policy for Dental Schools clarifies language to better reflect the intent of the policy.
      • I-8 Disclosure and Testing of HIV-Positive Status of Health Care Providers expands the current policy to encompass additional diseases that may be discriminated against.
  • The Governance Work Group determined the following policy should be rescinded and submitted a resolution to the 2016 House of Delegates:
    • I-3 Smokeless Tobacco Labeling should be rescinded as the FDA increased the size of warning labels in 2010.
  • The Governance Work Group reviewed the Standing Rules of the Board of Trustees and proposed amendments to the 2015-2016 Board of Trustees. The following amendments were adopted by the Board.
    • Section 1. Meeting of the Board of Trustees outlines the process for publishing and disseminating interim policy.
    • Section 13. Scholarships and Awards Programs creates a provision for the evaluation of awards and grants on a regular basis.
    • Section 22. Guests to ASDA Board Meetings adds procedures for individuals who wish to attend Board meetings.

2015-16 Governance Work Group Annual Report 

016-17 Council on SessionsL-R: Christian Piers, Sara Perrone, Jordan Telin, Pinkesh Shah, Kelsey Hays 

Council on Sessions

The Council on Sessions plans ASDA's Annual Session. The council develops the agenda, selects speakers and determines the schedule of events.

Name  Position  Chapter 
Jordan Telin  Vice President (Chair) Buffalo
Christian Piers  Immediate Past President Colorado
Sara Perrone  District 2 Trustee Buffalo
Pinkesh Shah  District 7 Trustee Marquette
Kelsey Hays  Staff Liaison ASDA Central Office

Past accomplishments
  • In 2015, the Council on Sessions developed a video welcome for Opening Ceremonies. The purpose of this video was to replace the orientation session at Annual Session. The Council created a script that incorporated the theme of “Dream” and “Big.” The Council member’s talked about how Annual Session impacted their lives, their favorite parts of the meeting and what to expect.
  • The Council on Sessions also developed a brief orientation to present during the House of Delegates Business Meeting I called “How to Ace Annual Session.” This orientation is targeted toward first time attendees. Each council member is allowed 2-3 minutes to provide professional, political, practical and personal tips that they’ve learned in their years attending Annual Session.

2015-16 Council on Sessions Annual Report 

Note: national leaders are appointed to a one-year term on a work group by the board of trustees. Applications are not accepted for these roles. 

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