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Predental Members

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  • Education about issues that will impact you as a predental student and when you enter dental school – this will help you stand out from the competition and increase your chances of getting into dental school
  • Free copy of Getting into Dental School - ASDA's Guide for Predental Students, which provides the requirement and admission stats of every dental school
  • Interactive experiences with other predentals, dental students and dental professionals at district and national events
  • Discounts on DAT prep resources, such as Crack the DAT and Chad's Videos.
  • Development of leadership and interpersonal skill through national leadership positions 
  • Free subscription to ASDA’s award-winning publications with content aimed at helping you get into dental school

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What current and past members have to say:

Thadler Schroeder  “ASDA has taught me to become a more efficient dental student by increasing my time management skills and ability to delegate."
- Dr. Thadler Schroeder, Kentucky ’14
Dr. Eugene Giannini  “If I didn't open ASDA News that day, my entire career would have been different”
- Dr. Eugene Giannini, Georgetown '88
Read about Dr. Giannini in ASDA News 
Carolyn Norton  "Dental school is not just about studying and hand skills. ASDA has made me realize that it is also about networking and forming relationships. Find a mentor at your school. Make connections with professors. For now you are a student, but you will be colleagues for much longer. Get personal."
- Dr. Carolyn Norton, Florida ’14
Jason Watts  “ASDA has opened my eyes to a world of networking, opportunities, challenges and goals. This has led me to push myself, achieve benchmarks I thought I never could do and become a leader on a whole different level I thought never existed. I have never fathomed the idea that there could be such an organized and unified organization fighting for the same cause... I am proud to say I am involved."
- Dr. Jason Watts, Nova Southeastern ’15
Kallie Law  “Dental education can teach you how to prepare a tooth, but there is much to learn about dentistry outside the walls of a classroom. ASDA teaches us how to advocate for the profession we love.”
- Dr. Kallie Law, Alabama ’12
Dr Dillenberg  “The stronger and better ASDA is, the stronger and better our dental profession will be.”
- Dr. Jack Dillenberg, New York '71, inaugural dean, Arizona
Read about Dr. Dillenberg in ASDA News  
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