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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of ASDA and is responsible for administration and management of the association. View this map to see which district you are a part of.

Christian Piers   Christian Piers
Colorado '16
Adrien Lewis   Adrien Lewis
Vice President
Houston '16
Niveditha Rajagopalan   Niveditha Rajagopalan
Vice President
Midwestern-Illinois '16
Mandy Alamwala  Mandy Alamwala
District 1 Trustee
Tufts '16
Jordan Telin  Jordan Telin
District 2 Trustee
Buffalo '17
Rebekkah Merrell  Rebekkah Merrell
District 3 Trustee
Pennsylvania '16
LaJoi Wiggins  LaJoi Wiggins
District 4 Trustee
East Carolina '17
Jennifer Quist  Jennifer Quist
District 5 Trustee
Lydia Lancaster  Lydia Lancaster
District 6 Trustee
Ohio State '16
Erin Fraundorf  Erin Fraundorf
District 7 Trustee
Louisville '16
Aaron Henderson  Aaron Henderson
District 8 Trustee
Minnesota '18
Kyle Larsen  Kyle Larsen
District 9 Trustee
Colorado '17
Sohaib Soliman  Sohaib Soliman
District 10 Trustee
Washington '17
Laine Janzen  Laine Janzen 
District 11 Trustee
Western '17
Paula Cohen  Paula Cohen
Speaker of the House
Florida '17
Gregory Sabino  Gregory Sabino
Stony Brook '16
Kristopher Mendoza  Kristopher Mendoza
Immediate Past President
Los Angeles '15
Nancy Honeycutt  Nancy Honeycutt
Executive Director
ASDA Central Office


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