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Exhibit Fair

Lia Kalliath  “Take the time to go to the vendor fair and speak with all the representatives. They have lots of goodies and informative materials to share with you. You never know who is looking to come and do a lunch & learn for at your chapter! Not to mention the fact that you might even win an iPad or a gift card in the raffle.”
- Lia Kalliath, Alabama ’14
Carolyn Norton
"Find a company you like, and visit their booth to support them. There is one company that gives out a free one year subscription to their services. I discovered their booth during the 2012 Minneapolis Annual Session and knew I had to find them again in 2013. I did, introduced myself, said I loved their product, explained why, and the other gathering students became interested. I explained how their product had helped me a lot in school, thanked them for being here, and asked for another yearly subscription. Every student around me stopped to listen. The vendor was thrilled. He said he couldn’t have planned our encounter better himself. Every student around us was excited and knew they were taking home a quality product. If you can candidly provide a testimonial like that to a vendor, not only will they know they are connecting with dental students, but it will improve their relationship with ASDA and our profession. If you like something, say it. That company will greatly appreciate your kind words and endorsement."
- Carolyn A. Norton, Florida ’14


Onika Patel  "Be social! Get together with other attendees or schools in your District for dinner or other  activities when you have free time. Getting to know other leaders is what can provide resources to improve your chapter and also help make some great connections!" 

- Onika Patel, Arizona ’14
Jaclyn Rivera  "Scan the attendee list to see who will be at the event. It's fun to meet people from different dental schools, so pick a few that you want to connect with and look for them on site. If you need help finding them, use your trustee to make the introduction." 

- Dr. Jaclyn Rivera, Midwestern-Arizona '13
Colleen Greene  "Make notes on the list of attendees about who you met. Follow up with e-mails or Facebook messages to those you got to know from other schools. You never know if you'll end up at a residency or job in their area in the future!"

- Dr. Colleen Greene, Harvard '13

Education & Idea Sharing

Kyle Buelke  "There are so many sessions that I recommend splitting them up between a group from your school or other attendees. Reconnect at the end of the day to share what you've learned. It allows you to interact with other attendees and leave with more takeaways. You can even continue the discussion back at school."
- Dr. Kyle Beulke, Nebraska '13
Alisha Huria  "It's really helpful to be able to talk to other chapters about the ASDA events they host throughout the year. Being a new chapter, it assists our leaders to brainstorm ideas to bring back and implement into our own chapter.”
- Alisha Huria, East Carolina ’15
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