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Current Statements of Position or Policy

This document contains major policies adopted by the American Student Dental Association House of Delegates since 1972, except for policies that appear in ASDA's Bylaws.

Within each classification, the statements of position or policy are arranged in chronological order. All amendments have been integrated with the original statements. Download ASDA's Current Statements of Position or Policy as a PDF.

Dental Education Administration 

A-1 Additional Year of Dental Education
A-2 Admission Requirements and Standards
A-3 Timely Graduation
A-4 Distribution of Grades
A-5 Disclosure of Graduation Requirements
A-6 Dental School Policy on Disclosure of Information to Prospective Students
A-7 Collection of Clinic Patient Accounts
A-8 Assuring Dental Student Competence
A-9 Study Time for National Board Dental Examinations
A-10 Dental Degree Designations
A-11 Conscious Sedation Training and Education
A-12 Curriculum Media Choice
A-13 Dental Student Participation in the "Give Kids a Smile" Program
A-14 Residency Application Process
A-15 Predental Application Process  

Dental Education Curriculum 

B-1 Predoctoral Training in a Hospital Setting
B-2 Managed Care
B-3 Interprofessional Education
B-4 Externships
B-5 CPR Training
B-6 Domestic Abuse and Neglect
B-7 Extramural Clinical Rotations in Underserved Areas
B-8 Dental Outreach Programs 
B-9 Written Consent for Student-to-Student Injections
B-10 Dental Assistant Utilization
B-11 Oral Health Literacy
B-12 Evidence-Based Dentistry 

Dental Hygiene and Assisting 

C-1 Expanded Functions of Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienists
C-2 Functions of Dental Providers
C-3 Independent Practice
C-4 Standards of Dental Hygiene Education
C-5 Accreditation of Dental Programs 

Dental Research 

D-1 Student Involvement in Dental Research
D-2 Use of Animals in Research, Testing and Education 

Dental School Administrative Policies and Student Government 

E-1 Due Process
E-2 Conflict Resolution
E-3 School Closings
E-4 Sensitivity to Diversity
E-5 Sexual Harassment of Dental Students
E-6 Leave of Absence for Dental Students
E-7 ASDA Code of Ethics
E-8 Faculty-Student Interaction
E-9 Freedom to Invite Vendors/Speakers
E-10 Dental Resident/Fellow Work and Learning Environment
E-11 Sharps Exposure/Bloodborne Pathogens Policy  

Dental Education Financing 

F-1 Tuition Increase Control
F-2 Financial Aid Repayment
F-3 Health Education Assistance Programs
F-4 Student Debt  

Dental Student Representation 

G-1 Student Representation in National Organizations Determining Education Policy for Dental Students
G-2 Student Representation on Dental School Committees Affecting Their Professional Training
G-3 State Dental Associations
G-4 Dental Student Representation to ADA Councils
G-5 Dental Student Representation in State and Local Dental Societies 

Health Care Delivery 

H-1 Student Involvement in Public Health in Dentistry
H-2 Endorsement of ADA Policies on Direct Reimbursement
H-3 Treating Infectious Patients
H-4 Fee for Service
H-5 Special Needs Dentistry 
H-6 Student Outreach to Underserved Populations 

Health Status and Health Promotion/Infection Control 

I-1 Fluoridation
I-2 Hepatitis B Vaccine
I-3 Smokeless Tobacco Labeling
I-4 Smoking Ban at ASDA Functions
I-5 Prohibition of Smoking in all Dental School Facilities
I-6 Amalgam Restorations
I-7 Universal Infection Control Procedures
I-8 Disclosure and Testing of HIV-Positive Status of Health Care Providers
I-9 Confidentiality of Student Health Status 

Impaired Dental Students 

J-1 Substance Abuse/ Chemical Dependence
J-2 Policy on Dental Students Diagnosed with Infectious Diseases 


L-1 Initial Licensure Pathways
L-2 Licensure for Graduates of Foreign Dental Schools
L-3 Definition of Curriculum Integrated Format
L-4 National Board Dental Examinations 

Membership Issues 

M-1 Billed and Optional Dues Billing for Membership Dues
M-2 Minority Definition for Recruitment 

Other Issues 

N-1 Use of Recyclable Materials 

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