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Member & Faculty Spotlight

ASDA’s community is made of over 20,000 dental students as well as the faculty and administrators who make your learning experience meaningful. Each month, ASDA will highlight dental students and faculty from ASDA chapters across the United States.

If you would like us to feature you or a student or faculty member at your chapter, please contact Danielle Bauer, director of membership and marketing, at

Member Spotlight

 Chrissy Barry 

Name: Chrissy Barry

Hometown: West Islip, NY

Chapter: Baylor


Graduation year: 2017

Position held at chapter: Communications Coordinator at Baylor and District 9 Events Coordinator

Plans after graduation: General Dentistry

Favorite ASDA benefit: Networking with other students, dental companies, and dentists

Last good book you read: Stiff

Mac or PC? Mac

Most embarrassing song on your iPod: Nsync Bye Bye Bye

Personal possession that you can’t live without: My Persian cats

Unique hobby or interest: Hiking

Faculty Spotlight

 Kevin King 

Name: Kevin King, DDS

Position held at dental school: Clinical Faculty and Assistant Professor at Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine Illinois


Dental school you graduated from: University of Illinois-Chicago

Dental specialty: General

How does ASDA benefit your students? I think it helps to show them the value of organized dentistry. This being three fold, much like our tripartite association. It helps to develop camaraderie and collegiality, it serves to offer an educational forum and it shows the importance of legislative action in helping to shape the future of the profession.

Member Spotlight

Steven Truman

Name: Steven Truman

Hometown: St. George, UT

Chapter: Pacific


Graduation year: 2016

Position held at chapter: Chapter President

Plans after graduation: Orthodontic residency

Favorite ASDA benefit: Meeting awesome new people

Last good book you read: Skin Game by Jim Butcher – excellent book in an excellent series

Mac or PC? Mac

Most embarrassing song on your iPod: Wannabe by the Spice Girls – sometimes I sing it

Personal possession that you can’t live without: Wedding band

Unique hobby or interest: All things Star Wars – I’m a junkie (probably an understatement)

Faculty Spotlight

Mert Aksu 

Name: Mert N. Aksu

Position held at dental school: Dean of the University of Detroit Mercy


Dental school you graduated from: University of Michigan

Dental specialty: Dental Public Health – Certificate anticipated June 2015

What made you pursue a career in dentistry? I chose dentistry for a variety of reasons. I really liked my childhood dentist, Dr. Gerald R. Coyle. He was the best influence; always happy, upbeat and just a great personality. I never had any fillings or dental work, so I really did not know dentistry, but I was curious and really liked the combination of art, science, and engineering. Dentistry is really a combination of all three areas. Dr. Coyle was a great role model, and he referred me to an equally great orthodontist who further cemented my interest in dentistry. As my dad changed jobs, his new dentist was Dr. John DeCarolis, and Dr. DeCarolis allowed me to shadow him and learn more about dentistry. I was very fortunate to have an opportunity to have exposure to such nice people.

How does ASDA benefit your students? ASDA is important to UDM and our students in many ways: ASDA gives our students exposure and experience in organized dentistry; our students feel like they have a voice in the shape of the future of our profession; and ASDA gives our students leadership experience and creates a circle of energy that gives students an opportunity to be active in professional-related activities including community service, fundraising and advocacy.

Words of wisdom for future dentists: The future of the profession is bright, and while the profession is changing and the demographics of the people we serve is changing as well, dentistry is an important primary care profession that will become increasingly valued as the evidence demonstrates the benefits of good dental health on physical health outcomes, and ultimately it will be shown that an oral health plan is an integral part of good health care.

Last good book you read: “Servant Leadership in the Boardroom" by Kent M Keith. I am interested in the role and responsibilities of leaders to positively influence their organization and those around them .

Unique hobby or interest: I enjoy learning- I continue to try to understand the changing environment of health care delivery – the politics of health care delivery and the economics of health care delivery. I enjoy travel, although lately I travel regularly for work, and often just enjoy being home.

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