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The following presentation materials were shared at an ASDA event (regional meeting, annual session, national leadership or lobby day). You are encouraged to repurpose this content at your chapter meetings or as needed throughout the year. If you are looking for a specific presentation from an event and you can not locate it below, please contact Meghan Keelean, CMP, education manager, at

Leadership Training

CVs/Resumes: What Every Dental Student Should Know (2012 Annual Session)
Colleen Greene, 2012-13 ASDA president  

Dental School Survival Guide (2011 Central Regional Meeting)
Dr. Chris Salierno, 2004-05 ASDA president 

Leadership for the Dental Team and Beyond (2011 Western Regional Meeting)
Dr. Jack Dillenberg, dean, Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health 

Getting in to Residency: A How To Guide (2011 Western Regional Meeting)
Dr. Andrew Read-Fuller, 2010-11 ASDA vice president, OMS resident 

The Top 5 Things I Learned From ASDA (PowerPoint) (2010 Central Regional Meeting)
Dr. Chris Salierno, 2004-05 ASDA president 

Leadership for the Decade Ahead (PowerPoint) (2010 Western Regional Meeting)
Dr. Arthur Dugoni, dean emeritus, University of the Pacific 

Midlevel Providers

Hot Topics Session: Alternative Workforce Models (2011 Central Regional Meeting)
Burton Coleman, Dusty Pfundheller, Trent Lally and Ben Youel 

Midlevel Providers: Innovative Response or D2940 (2011 Western Regional Meeting)
Dr. Blake McKinley and Ian Murray 

House of Delegates Procedures

Introduction to the House of Delegates (PowerPoint) (2010 Regional Meetings)
Ryan Dulde, speaker of the House of Delegates 2010-11 

Financial Management

Dental Students' Finances: A Strategic Approach to Debt Management (PowerPoint) (2011 Regional Meetings)
Andrew Franger, GL Advisor, regional client relationship manager 

Building and Managing Your Financial Profile (2011 Eastern Regional Meeting)
Kathy Ells, Wells Fargo Practice Management  


ADPAC and You (2011 Eastern Regional Meeting)
Dr. Roger Triftshauser, past ADPAC chair 

Dissecting the Workforce Debate (2011 Eastern Regional Meeting)
Tim Calnon, District 2 trustee 

Changes in Workforce and Health Care Implementation (2011 Regional Meetings)
Jon Holtzee, ADA director of State Government Affairs 

Dental Politics 101: The Most Important Course You Won't Take in Dental School 
Dr. Gary Oyster, ADPAC 16th District representative (2011 Central Regional Meeting)
Dr. Rhett Murray and Dr. Dennis Zent, ADPAC Co-chairs (2011 Western Regional Meeting)

Encouraging Advocacy at Your Chapter - (2011 Regional Meetings)

Next Steps for the New Dentist (2011 Eastern Regional Meeting)
Dr. Brian Schwab, 3rd district representative, ADA New Dentist Committee 

The Power of Organized Dentistry (2011 Western Regional Meeting)
Dr. Steven Gounardes, American Dental Association 

ADA New Dentist Committee (2011 Western Regional Meeting)
Dr. Sarah Poteet, ADA New Dentist Committee  

Legislation and Health Care Reform in 2010: How Will it Affect Dentistry (PowerPoint) (2010 Central Regional Meeting)
Dr. Mark Walker, chair, ADA Council on Government Affairs  

How to Plan a State Lobby Day (PowerPoint) (2010 Eastern Regional Meeting)
David White, Massachusetts Dental Society 

Chapter Resources

A Day in the Life of an ASDA Chapter (2011 Western Regional Meeting)
Chrissy Tiller, District 10 trustee 

Membership Recruitment and Fundraising

Tips for Working with Predental Members (Handout 1) (Handout 2) (2012 Annual Session)

Illinois Predental Consortium: A Model for Predental Recruitment and Involvement (PowerPoint) (2010 Western Regional Meeting)

Chapter Idea Exchange: Vendor Relations and Fundraising (MP3) (2010 Western Regional Meeting)

Building a Strong Membership (PowerPoint) (2010 Regional Meetings)
Lauren Vainio, chair, Council on Membership 

Get Involved: Light the Fire (PowerPoint) (2010 Western Regional Meeting)
UNLV chapter representatives 


Ethics in Dental School: How it Affects You Now and in the Future (PDF) (2009 Western Regional Meeting)
Dr. Michael Meru, ASDA Immediate Past President 2009-2010 

What is SPEC and How to Start a SPEC Chapter (PowerPoint) (2009 Western Regional Meeting)
Nima Mirmoghtadaei, SPEC USC President, and Patrick Corning, SPEC OHSU President 

Chapter Communications

Chapter Communications Idea Exchange (PowerPoint) (2012 National Leadership Conference)
Cheryl Wilson, communications manager, and Kim Schneider, communications editor 

Chapter Communications and Resources 2011-12 (2011 Regional Meetings)

How to Build Strong Relationships with Dental School Administrators (PowerPoint) (2010 Eastern Regional Meeting)
Jim Martin, District 3 trustee 2010-2011

Extreme Makeover - Presentation Edition (PowerPoint) (2010 Eastern Regional Meeting)
Mike Lynch, vice president of external communications, American Medical Association 


National Board Dental Examination: Changes You Need to Know (2011 Eastern and Western Regional Meetings)
Adam Shisler, president 2011-12

The Licensure Puzzle - Where Do You Fit? (2011 Eastern Regional Meeting)
Laura Huling, District 1 trustee and Nipa Thakkar, District 3 trustee 

Hot Topics: Licensure (2011 Western Regional Meeting breakout)
Dr. Ronald Lemmo and Brittany Bensch Dean 

Non-Patient Licensure Examination: "The Minnesota-Canada Nexus" (PDF) (2011 Annual Session)
Dr. Patrick M. Lloyd, M.S., dean, professor, Division of Prosthodontics, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry 

The Wonderful World of Dentistry: License to Drill (PowerPoint) (2011 Annual Session)
Marshall Shragg, MPH, executive director, Minnesota Board of Dentistry 

The Portfolio Pathway to Initial Dental Licensure in California (PowerPoint) (2011 Annual Session)
Dr. Steven G. Morrow, M.S., professor of endodontics, Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, member of the Dental Board of California
Carrie Gordon, legislative advocate, California Dental Association


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