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"I got to meet so many great people. By the time I was actually applying to dental school, I felt like I had this great support system from students across the nation."
Daryn Lu, Oklahoma '15

"The various resources I received from being an ASDA predental member was essential in my acceptance into dental school. I highly recommend anyone interested in dentistry to become an ASDA predental member!"
Andrew Grillo, Michigan ’15

Now that you’ve established your ultimate career goal — becoming a dentist — it’s time to start thinking about how to achieve it.

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Becoming an ASDA member will give you something to talk about when you meet with dental school admissions and introduce you to important dental issues through ASDA communications and national events. Read about one predental's experience at Annual Session. You'll also receive a free copy of ASDA's "Guide to Getting into Dental School" when you join. This handbook includes admission information on each dental schools and tips for preparing.


Are you looking for leadership experience in dentistry to make you stand out on your application? Consider applying for one of ASDA’s national leadership positions for predental students. You will provide direct input into ASDA’s resources and programs for predentals. You will benefit from the training ASDA provides national leaders and have the opportunity to meet dental and predental students from across the U.S.

ASDA's Predental Week, Oct. 2-8, 2016, celebrates predental students and offers resources and events for predental members of ASDA. It's a great time to become a member!

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Resources that can help you on your journey to dental school:


Predental timeline
This timeline has suggestions on when to take your prerequisite classes during undergrad and what other activities will best prepare you to be a good dental school applicant and dental student.


Preparing for the DAT
The Dental Admission Test (DAT) serves as a standard of comparison for all applicants. This resource covers the four sections of the DAT, information on scheduling your test, study tips and more.


Letters of evaluation
Letters of evaluation allow dental schools to learn more about you as a person. Use these tips to make the evaluation process easier.


Crafting your personal statement
Our guide walks you through how to get started, set the tone, format your statement and make it personal. Use the guide's brainstorming questions to help you cultivate writing ideas.


Tips for the AADSAS application
Follow these eight tips for completing the ADEA AADSAS application to make your application stand out and see how to calculate your grade point average. Certain subjects fall into different grading categories and have different weight.


Interview tips
Every school's interview process is different. Use this resource to prepare for potential questions and find ways to leave an impression on your interviewers.


Choosing a school
Choosing the right dental school is mix of several variables. Asking the right questions during your interview can help you understand which school and program will be the right fit for you.


U.S. dental schools
It is important to know about the school(s) you are interested in. Research the different programs that are available to understand the opportunities at each school.


Predental shadowing guide
Shadowing a dentist can help you determine if dentistry is right for you. Download our guide for an in-depth look at the shadowing process.


A day in the life of a dental student
Get insight into the lives of other predentals as well as dental students just starting their first year all the way through finishing up their fourth year. Find out about the challenges students face at each stage of dental school and what they wish they had known before each year.


Life of a dentist
Follow eight dentists through a typical day. Each dentist practices in a different specialty or work environment.


Map of ASDA chapters
Reach out to ASDA members near you to get first-hand insights from students at the schools you are interested in. Check out the chapter websites to see if there are any predental events taking place in your area.


Predental club resources
Download this resource to increase engagement at your predental club. If you don't have one at your school, you can find out how start one too.


Non-traditional student resources
ASDA has developed a guide to help non-traditional students navigate the dental school application process. Download this guide and see other resources to help non-traditional with getting into dental school.


Predental Webinars
Watch previously recorded webinars that give advice to predentals on topics like taking the DAT and getting into dental school.

Predental Articles in ASDA Publications

Only ASDA members can receive our two print publications, ASDA News and Mouth, throughout the year. Each issue features a predental article to help prepare you for dental school. Members also are encouraged to read ASDA's blog, Mouthing Off, at for more tips.

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