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Past Presidents

See all of ASDA's past presidents going back to its inauguration in 1971.

Term Past President Chapter
2016-17 Sohaib Soliman Washington
2015-16 Dr. Christian Piers Colorado
2014-15 Dr. Kristopher Mendoza Los Angeles
2013-14 Jiwon Lee Columbia
2012-13 Dr. Colleen Greene Harvard
2011-12 Dr. Adam Shisler Houston
2010-11 Dr. Corwyn Hopke Columbia
2009-10 Dr. Timothy Moriarty Connecticut
2008–09 Dr. Michael Meru Southern California
2007–08 Dr. Wayne Stephens Columbia
2006–07 Dr. Brooke Loftis San Antonio
2005–06 Dr. Bradley Harrelson Mississippi
2004–05 Dr. Christopher Salierno Stony Brook
2003–04 Dr. Joshua Ries Tufts
2002–03 Dr. Sayeed Attar Minnesota
2001–02 Dr. Kevin Rencher Iowa
2000–01 Dr. Michael Pickard Los Angeles
1999–00 Dr. Clinton Herzog San Antonio
1998–99 Dr. Robert McNeill Detroit Mercy
1997–98 Dr. Lee Cohen New York
1996–97 Dr. Timothy Talbott Michigan
1995–96 Dr. Jessica Meeske Missouri
1994–95 Dr. Kenton Ross Louisville
1993–94 Dr. Berkley Craig III San Antonio
1992–93 Dr. Eric Nelson Iowa
1991-92 Dr. John Roberson Mississippi
1990–91 Dr. Philip Prickett South Carolina
1989–90 Dr. John Rutkauskas Illinois
1988–89 Dr. N. Gail McLaurin South Carolina
1987–88 Dr. Thomas Maring Oregon
1986–87 Dr. Steven Nelson Iowa
1985–86 Dr. Michael Crete Michigan
1984–85 Dr. John Marchetto Tufts
1983–84 Dr. Bradley Greenway Emory
1982–83 Dr. Mark Tiernan Oral Roberts
1981–82 Dr. Richard Boyd South Carolina
1980–81 Dr. Stuart Ginsberg Pennsylvania
1979–80 Dr. Ralph Van Brocklin Pennsylvania
1978–79 Dr. Michael Chisick Harvard
1977–78 Dr. Ronald Bellohusen Pittsburgh
1976–77 Dr. John Karch Emory
1975–76 Dr. William Kenny, Jr. Fairleigh Dickinson
1974–75 Dr. John Elter Connecticut
1973–74 Dr. Guy Bates, Jr. Missouri
1972–73 Dr. Robert Vogel New York
1971–72 Dr. Harry Martin Marquette
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