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As a leader of your chapter, you serve as the link between your local chapter and the national office. Therefore, it is important that you keep up-to-date on the events and issues important to your fellow members. The resources listed on this page will help keep you informed so be sure and share this information with your chapter.

The Leader: On the third Tuesday of each month, The Leader, our e-newsletter, is sent to all chapter delegates, national officers, and deans and faculty providing updates on events, deadlines, awards, the membership drive, and other resources for our chapters. All issues are archived on this page for reference. 

Chapter Deadlines: Keep this list of deadlines for the year in a convenient place so you don’t miss any important dates.

Calendar of Events: Link to ASDA’s calendar for upcoming national events, such as Annual Session, National Leadership Conference and National Dental Student Lobby Day.

Mouthing Off: Subscribe to ASDA's award-winning blog for posts on the latest in the dental field, student life, pop culture and more. Whether it’s a Crest commercial from the 80’s floating around on Youtube or a high-five to chapters sending aid to Haiti, ASDA is blogging about it.

Facebook logo Become an ASDA Facebook fan!  With over 10,000 fans and counting, you’re missing out if you’re not an ASDA fan!

Flickr Flickr: ASDA has a Flickr photostream so you can view pictures of meetings and other association events. We also administer an ASDA group so that you can upload your own photos from national or local events. Check out both and make ASDA your contact.

LinkedIn LinkedIn: Make your ASDA contacts your professional contacts by joining the ASDA group on the most professional social network around.

YouTube YouTube: Check out ASDA's channel for videos from national and chapter events.

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