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Using the ASDA Logo & Brand
Using the ASDA logo

The ASDA logo shall be used in it’s primary color (blue, Pantone 541) whenever possible and always as a unit, with the associated name spelled out. If necessary, the logo can be used in black or reversed out of a darker color, for example a white logo on a black background. The name shall not be separated from the acronym. The logo should be placed above or to the left of all other logos.

logo with tag
logo tag
Print (.eps) Web (.jpg) Print (.eps) Web (.jpg)

Guidelines for Use


  • Use the unmodified logo
  • Allow space around the logo (minimum 0.5 in.)
  • Place the logo on a single color background


  • Change the color of the logo
  • Distort the logo dimensions
  • Place the logo on a multicolor or patterned background

    Gold Crown

Gold Crown Award Logo

Please follow the same guidelines for the Gold Crown Award logo.
Download the print version
Download the web version 

ASDA Engage

Please follow the same guidelines using the ASDA Engage logo.

ASDA Engage

Engage Logo Download the print version   Download the web version  
Engage Banner Download the print version   Download the web version  
Branded Templates & Letterhead

ASDA Chapter Banner

ASDA created a template to create a chapter banner. Chapters can send central office their chapter name and logo and we will send you a file to send to a local printer. E-mail your files to Danielle Bauer, director of membership.

ASDA Letterhead

Chapters can download the ASDA letterhead template for correspondence with faculty, advertisers/exhibitors and your community. Simply add your chapter contact information and the content of your letter and you are ready to send.

ASDA PowerPoint Template

Leaders can use this Microsoft PowerPoint template for chapter presentations, lunch & learns or district meetings.

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