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ASDA's Legislative Grassroots Network

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What is the ASDA Legislative Grassroots Network?
The ASDA Legislative Grassroots Network (LGN) is dedicated to increasing dental student understanding and involvement in the legislative process, both locally and nationally. Leaders involved in the ASDA LGN work to educate ASDA members, dental organizations and legislators about issues important to dental students. The LGN provides students with the information they need on matters concerning dentistry and other health issues. Any student who wants to play a role in shaping the legislative decisions that determine the future of dentistry is encouraged to join the ASDA LGN. 

How is the Legislative Grassroots Network Organized?
The LGN includes the following individuals:

  • Chair
  • ADPAC Student Director
  • Five legislative coordinators
  • Board of trustees liaison
  • Legislative liaisons (local chapter leaders)

The chair is responsible for the activities of the Legislative Grassroots Network. The chair serves as member of the ADA Council on Government Affairs and is responsible for keeping current on national student issues.

The ADPAC student director serves as ASDA representative to the American Dental Political Action Committee (ADPAC). He or she represents ASDA on the ADPAC Board of Directors. The vice chair is the contact person for chapters looking to hold ADPAC drives at their school. 

The legislative coordinators (LCs) play a key role in training and motivating the legislative liaisons in their regions.

Legislative liaisons (LLs) play the most important role, as they are responsible for the legislative activities and awareness at their schools. They work with their local and state dental societies and other members of the network to stay informed about important issues and report back to the RLCs.

What is the Legislative Grassroots Network's Role in Organized Dentistry?
The LGN teaches students effective ways to communicate with members of Congress, how to organize successful e-mail campaigns, as well as motivate dental students to get involved in advocacy on local, state and national levels. Through the LGN, dental students can influence and shape legislation important to the future of dentistry.

Increased legislative awareness will help students realize the importance of becoming involved. Dental students who become involved while in school will be prepared for lifelong commitment to enhancing the profession through legislation and awareness. 

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