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Proposed Resolutions
Proposed Resolutions for the 2014 House of Delegates
Education & Licensure
Download the Education & Licensure Resolutions 
200-2014 Student Debt Policy
201-2014 The Importance of Research Committees
202-2014 Evidence Based ASDA
203-2014 Needle Stick Policy

Membership & Professional Issues
Download the Membership & Professional Issues Resolutions 
301-2014 Amendment to Bylaws, Article IV, Section 3, ‘Appointed Leader’ 
302-2014 ASDA Code for Association with International Dental Student Associations 
303-2014 Designation of the Intellectually & Developmentally Disabled as a Medically Underserved Population 
304-2014 Amendment to E-4 Sensitivity to Diversity Policy 

Download the Governance Resolutions 
400-2014 Amendment to the Bylaws, Article VII, Section 3, Subsection C ‘District Trustee’ 
401-2014 Amendment to the Bylaws, Article VII, Section 3, Subsection B, ‘Speaker of the House of Delegates 
402-2014 Amendment to the House Standing Rules, Section 7 ‘Elections’
403-2014 Amendment to C Policy Dental Hygiene & Assisting
404-2014 Amendment to the Bylaws

Resolutions Submitted at Annual Session

If you missed the Jan. 10 deadline, you can submit your resolution by Feb. 27 at 1:30 p.m. EST via e-mail to Before doing so, please run your idea past a trustee or the speaker of the House to confirm that the resolution you’re proposing is not already captured in an ASDA policy. For resolution writing resources, click here. Note: all resolutions submitted onsite will go straight to a reference committee without board review.

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