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Chapter Grants
Chapter grants

Membership Outreach Grants

It is important that chapters provide new members an introduction to ASDA and the benefits of membership. Orientation events can vary from a welcome breakfast to a lunch and learn presentation to an evening cookout, but all events should educate members on ASDA. Many chapters experience funding challenges due to strict vendor policies or administrative issues that prevent them from holding local events.

Purpose of the grant
This grant is intended to help struggling chapters fund local events that promote membership and involvement in ASDA. Up to five grants of a maximum of $500 each will be awarded to ASDA chapters based on the criteria in the application.

2014 Grant Recipients  

  • Colorado
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Stony Brook

Chapter Website Grant

Enhancing communications effectiveness and increasing membership engagement and satisfaction are two of ASDA’s 2013-15 Strategic Plan Goals. Many chapters face technical and/or financial barriers to creating a chapter website. Chapters that are limited by their resources may be unable to provide a virtual outlet to communicate with members or to recruit non-members (including predentals). To help chapters communicate effectively with its members, ASDA introduced this chapter website grant.

Purpose of the Grant
Up to three $600 grants will be awarded to ASDA chapters to create or upgrade a chapter website in 2014. Funds cannot be used to create district or special event websites.

2014 Grant Recipients  

  • Marquette
  • Midwestern-Arizona
  • Southern California

State Lobby Day Grant

Advocacy is at the heart of ASDA’s mission. Members are encouraged to support ASDA policies and protect their profession. Issues such as dental licensure and alternative workforce models are determined at the state and local levels.

Purpose of the Grant
This grant is intended to support advocacy at the local level. A maximum of $500 will be awarded per chapter, up to six chapters. Grants will be awarded based on those who demonstrate a need for financial support to organize a state lobby day. The Council on Advocacy will judge applications based on information provided about the event’s execution, funding sources and budgetary requirements.

2014 Grant Recipients  

  • Detroit Mercy 
  • Marquette 
  • Colorado  
  • South Carolina  
  • Alabama  
  • Roseman  

Taking Oral Hygiene Awareness to Rural & Underserved America – Chapter Event Grant

Oral hygiene education and preventive dental care are effective and inexpensive ways to improve the quality of a patient’s life. Many children live in rural and underserved communities and are faced with difficulties accessing oral healthcare. There are often no dental schools within their proximity.

Purpose of the Grant
This grant is intended to support the funding of oral hygiene education initiatives implemented by predoctoral ASDA members with faculty supervision. This grant supports ASDA Current Statements of Position H-1: Student Involvement in Public Health in Dentistry and H-6: Student Outreach to Underserved Populations.

2014 Grant Recipients  

  • Alabama: Sean Gunnels '16
  • LECOM: Desiree McMillen '17
  • Midwest-Arizona: Eric Hu '15
  • Roseman: Monica Yeo '17
  • San Francisco: Gabriella Orona Bateman '16, Ivy Avanessian Fua '16

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