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Standing Rules of the House of Delegates
Delegates vote to on a resolution

Each ASDA chapter elects two delegates to represent their interests and concerns at the House of Delegates at Annual Session.

Although such representation is a delegate’s most important responsibility, some are reluctant to take an active role at meetings because the rules of parliamentary procedure can be intimidating. This guide has been written to give all participants a better understanding of the methods and rules under which the House of Delegates operates, and to help them feel more comfortable about expressing their views in House meetings.

All participants should remember that the rules of parliamentary procedures are designed to keep order and to facilitate participation, not to inhibit it. Delegates should not hesitate to approach their trustee, members of the Executive Committee, Speaker of the House or staff members with any questions about House rules or parliamentary procedure.

Standing Rules of the Board of Trustees

ASDA members in each District elect Trustees to represent their interests. These rules have been written to give the Board of Trustees a better understanding of the procedures and rules under which the Board operates.

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