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Evidence-based Dentistry
Evidence based dentistry

According to the American Dental Association, evidence-based dentistry is an approach to oral health care that requires the judicious integration of: “systematic assessments of clinically-relevant scientific evidence, relating to the patient's oral and medical condition and history, together with the dentist's clinical expertise and the patient's treatment needs and preferences.”

ASDA supports the use of evidence-based dentistry, as defined by the ADA, to bridge the gap between research and dental practice (as stated in the B-12 policy). ASDA encourages its members to utilize scientific evidence when caring for patients.

The ADA Center for Evidence-based Dentistry website has a database of systematic reviews dedicated to oral health topics. The site is an ideal destination to start your research. Other forms of databases include:

How to apply evidence based dentistry to your treatment plan:

  • Start with the patient: clinical problems and questions from the patient regarding their care
  • Translate clinical questions into PICO (population, intervention, comparison and outcome)
  • Decide on the best type of study to address the question
  • Perform a literature search in the appropriate sources

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