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Editorial Board

The Editorial Board develops and manages the content and format of ASDA’s external print publications, Mouth and ASDA News, as well as the blog, Mouthing Off. The editorial board also contributes to the production of the student handbooks.

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15 Ed Board

 Current Members  

Name  Position  Chapter 
Gregory Sabino  Editor-In-Chief Stony Brook
MaryJane Anderson  Contributing Editor Pennsylvania
Victoria Castens  Contributing Editor Temple
Sean Lee  Contributing Editor Stony Brook
Michael Mayr  Contributing Editor Boston
Adam Saltz  Contributing Editor Nova Southeastern
Darryl Banez  Electronic Editor Marquette
Stephanie Ting  Electronic Editor Southern California
Kim Kelly  Staff Liaison ASDA Central Office

Past accomplishments of the Editorial Board:

  • New in 2014, ASDA members can opt to receive their publications digitally via e-mail. More than 760 members opted to receive ASDA News and Mouth via e-mail (some members opt for e-mail only and some opt for both e-mail and print). These e-mails have open rates that are among the highest of all ASDA e-mails.
  • Given ASDA’s new wellness initiative, the Editorial Board chose wellness as the issue theme for winter Mouth. This issue featured articles on mental health in dental school, dealing with depression and anxiety, coping with grief, helping a friend with an addiction and ways to de-stress from dental school.
  • New in 2014, the Editorial Board added a feature to Mouth called “Your Turn.” Based on a five-question survey sent to members, responses are published in an infographic in each issue of Mouth. Each survey corresponds with the issue’s theme, and the most recent issue had more than 340 survey responses.
  • The electronic editors developed a department to feature student research in the Mouthing Off blog. They also produced a “life hack” week in September to kick off the school year and a “best of” week in December to recap the best blogs of the year. Both of these weeks featured posts every day (Monday-Friday) and were successful with readers.
  • ASDA conducted a communications study in February 2014. The study found that ASDA News and Word of Mouth had the highest readership in the past year. The Editorial Board reviewed the survey results, and used them to guide content planning and future changes to the publications.
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