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The Leader Update 

Leader UpdateThe Leader Update is a monthly e-newsletter sent to all chapter and national leaders. It is brief and to the point so leaders are kept informed of the need-to-know information to run their chapter. The content includes important deadlines for national meetings, awards, incentives and leadership opportunities. The Leader gives leaders first-hand knowledge of new programs, benefits and services for ASDA members.





The Leader - January 2014  Lobby Day Agenda & Chapter Best Practices
The Leader - February 2014  IRS Forms, Chapter Grants & Mentorship 101
The Leader - March 2014  New EC & Trustees, Gold Crown Award WInners
The Leader - April 2014  Volunteer Thank You | Chapter Webinars
The Leader - May 2014  Grant and scholarship opportunities available
The Leader - June 2014  NLC Registration and New Chapter Blog Feature
The Leader - July 2014  Attend NLC for free | Chapter leadership guides
The Leader - August 2014  Virtual chapter idea exchange | Chapter incentives
The Leader - September 2014  NLC registration & keynote | Dental school finance webinar

The Leader - January 2013  New How-to Guide & Scrubs Fundraiser
The Leader - February 2013  Important Tax Information and Chapter Incentives
The Leader - March 2013  New Leaders, Gold Crown Winners & More
The Leader - April 2013  Volunteer Thank You & Chapter Grant
The Leader - May 2013  Deadlines approaching for grant, scholarship and photo contest
The Leader - June 2013  Chapter scrubs fundraiser and tax information
The Leader - July 2013  Community Dentistry Award and New Dentist Reception
The Leader - August 2013  Chapter Incentives, On-boarding Resources
The Leader - September 2013  Gold Crown Awards & Chapter Contest
The Leader - October 2013  Three New Chapters, Two New How-to Guides
The Leader - November 2013  Annual Session Registration & Leadership Apps Now Open
The Leader - December 2013  Recruitment Incentives and Gold Crown Award Details

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