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Advocacy Brief
Advocacy Brief

The Advocacy Brief is a monthly e-newsletter that is sent to all ASDA members. It contains information about advocacy issues, legislative and regulatory activities and political affairs related to dentistry. It aims at increasing dental students' understanding and involvement in the legislative process, at both the federal and state level.



Advocacy Brief - January 2014  Federal Agency Weighs in on CODA Accreditation Standards
Advocacy Brief - February 2014  New Advocacy Resources | Michigan Licensure Spotlight
Advocacy Brief - March 2014  Licensure FAQ | Maryland Licensure Spotlight
Advocacy Brief - April 2014  Three Lobby Day Issues | ASDA Engage Update
Advocacy Brief - May 2014  Lobby Day Issue Update
Advocacy Brief - June 2014  New Dental Hygienist Bills & ADA Report to Congress
Advocacy Brief - July 2014  Student Debt & Adult Dental Medicaid Coverage
Advocacy Brief - August 2014  ACA Impacts Young Adults | Oregon Midlevel Provider Law
Advocacy Brief - September 2014  Midlevel provider update | Texas licensure spotlight

Advocacy Brief - January 2013  White House and Congress Turn Attention to Economy
Advocacy Brief - February 2013  2013 Legislative Season Begins
Advocacy Brief - March 2013  Potential Sequester Cuts Loom Over Federal Government
Advocacy Brief - April 2013  Student debt the top priority at Lobby Day
Advocacy Brief - May 2013  Lobby Day: 200+ Congressional appointments
Advocacy Brief - June 2013  Congress tackling student debt, states considering licensure
Advocacy Brief - July 2013  Student Loan Interest Rates, ACA Implementation in the States
Advocacy Brief - August 2013  Congress Passes Stafford Loan Legislation
Advocacy Brief - September 2013  Advocacy at Your Chapter | State Licensure Spotlight
Advocacy Brief - October 2013  ACA Hits Implementation Milestone
Advocacy Brief - November 2013  Government Shutdown Concludes | New State Licensure Spotlight
Advocacy Brief - December 2013  How ASDA is Advocating for You

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