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The American Student Dental Association has created a program where former ASDA members, colleagues within organized dentistry and dental schools can contribute to the association. All monetary donations will be put towards ASDA operational costs and educational programs for its dental student members. Each contributor will receive an ASDA lapel pin. At this time, donations are not tax deductible, but it may be deductible as a business expense (check with your tax advisor). Credit card donations can be made online by creating a customer record on ASDA's website, then clicking "Donate to ASDA" in the menu options. Checks may be mailed with the completed donor form.

Read why one alumna believes it's important to give back to ASDA. For additional information, e-mail

Thank you to the following supporters who have made a contribution:

ASDA Donor Pin

$350 Donation 

  • Dr. Brooke Loftis Elmore

$250 Donation 

  • Dr. Ryan Dulde
  • Dr. Colleen and Jonathan Greene
  • Dr. Aruna Rao
  • Dr. Naomi Sever
  • Dr. Adam and Emily Shisler
  • Dr. Nipa Thakkar
  • Dr. Ken Randall
  • Dr. Gabriel Holdwick

$100 Donation 

  • Dr. Kelly Bateman
  • Dr. Naren Chelian
  • Dr. Andrew DeHaan
  • Dr. Becky Warnken
  • Dr. John Huebner
  • Dr. Brittany Dean
Donate to ASDA

$50 Donation 

  • Dr. Andrew Read-Fuller
  • Dr. Kallie Law
  • Dr. Ben Youel
  • Dr. Jack Huebner

$30 Donation 

  • Hussien Abdulrahim Mohamed

$25 Donation 

  • Dr. Lindsey Krecko Yates
  • Leigh Erin Reynolds
  • Brian Swilling
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