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Midlevel Providers
Dental Health Aide Therapist. Advanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner. Advanced Dental Therapist. They have different names, but what is a midlevel provider?

A Day in the Life of a Dental Student
Hear from predentals and dental students as they journey into and through dental school. Visit a Day in the Life of a Dental Student.

Read "US sees shocking rise in ER visits due to dental pain" from September ASDA News.

Upcoming Webinars
Sign up for our webinar to hear a financial advisor discuss the most frequently asked questions about paying for dental school. Register for Financing your Dental Education.

Barriers to Care
Get the facts on barriers to care and find out how it impacts oral health across the country.


Predental simulation lab


Learn how ASDA's benefits and services can save you money


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