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Contour is the premier magazine of the American Student Dental Association and reports on relevant industry trends, champions student rights and represents your formative experience to the wider dental community. Just like ASDA, Contour is shaping the dental student experience.

Beginning in January 2017, ASDA members will receive Contour as a benefit of their membership, in place of ASDA News and Mouth. The publication will come out 10 times per year, with combined issues in June/July and November/December.

February 2017 - Vol. 1 Issue 2 - Cultivating relationships

February 2017 ContourFinding humanity before the end of the tunnel

Contributing Editor Sean Lee, Stony Brook '18, writes, "Dental students can be the first to pick up on the significance of their changing human interactions. Where do relationships and family fit in? The new relationships you make in dental school from day one are brimming with excitement. Some classmates will become best friends. Relationships will extend into your career as classmates become future colleagues who can serve as bridges to professional life as a dentist.

And yet despite their value, relationships are often sacrificed during the first stages of dental school. Phone calls from family and friends go unanswered as you opt to return to your books and cram for the next midterm. Time is never enough, with a constant flood of information to learn and endless responsibilities to uphold. Cultivating relationships can seem burdensome, something that belongs lower on the pecking order.

I still remember the day familial bonds brought me back to reality..." Keep reading.... 

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