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Contour is the premier magazine of the American Student Dental Association and reports on relevant industry trends, champions student rights and represents your formative experience to the wider dental community. Just like ASDA, Contour is shaping the dental student experience.

Beginning in January 2017, ASDA members will receive Contour as a benefit of their membership, in place of ASDA News and Mouth. The publication will come out 10 times per year, with combined issues in June/July and November/December.

January 2017 - Vol. 1 Issue 1 - The future of dental education

17 MK Contour JanAre four years enough?

Contributing Editor Erik Klintmalm, Arizona '18, writes, "Ask first-year students how much longer they have and you'll get a forlorn 'Just starting, four years to go.' response. Four years is a long time. At the outset, dental school feels like signing up for a four-year slog through foundations. Basic science, practicing hand skills, talking to patients, all the grueling monotony of ticking the boxes required for us to become dentists. And this is what I expected when I began dental school. I knew that I would leave knowing more about medical science that I knew prior to matriculating. I also knew that I would learn how to do all the cool dentistry tool stuff. But as a dental student, what am I looking for in dental education? What am I hoping to learn?

As school progresses, it becomes obvious that four years is not a long time. Two years down and I can't believe I am already in clinic full time. As a first-year it seemed that clinic was so far away, that graduating was so far away. And now I think about the time I have left and feel that it's not enough time - there is so much to learn." Keep reading.... 

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