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ASDA Bracket Challenge
2017 ASDA Bracket Challenge

The ASDA Bracket Challenge is a predental recruitment tournament for all eligible ASDA predoctoral chapters. The tournament will last six weeks, from March 13 to April 23, with the winning chapter being crowned the National ASDA Champion. Advancing chapters will be announced every Monday during the tournament on ASDA’s Facebook page, as well as this page. The district with the most recruited members at the end of the tournament will also be awarded a cash prize. That means if your chapter has been eliminated, you are still competing on behalf of your district.


  • $1,000 - 1st place (National Champion)
  • $500 - 2nd place
  • $150 gift card - 3rd place
  • $500 - Top district


  • Chapter scores will be based on the number of predentals recruited or renewed.
  • Tournament scoring will be cumulative. Each week, chapter scores will carry forward (e.g. if your chapter recruits 10 predentals in Round 1, and 10 more in Round 2, your score after Round 2 is 20).
  • Membership applications with payment must be received by 11:59 p.m. CST on the Sunday of each round in order to count towards a chapter’s total. (e.g. the Week 1 deadline to submit new predental members is Sunday, March 19 at 11:59 p.m. CST).
  • Winners of each match-up will be revealed weekly, however, the total number of predentals recruited will not be revealed until we are down to our last four chapters – the “Final Fluoride.”
  • In addition to newly recruited members, renewed members count towards predental totals.
  • Predentals must select the predoctoral chapter as the referring chapter when joining/renewing for the chapter to receive credit.
  • All predentals recruited by your chapter this year in advance of the tournament (beginning in Sept. 2016) will count towards first round score.
  • The chapter with the most total predentals recruited over their matched opponent at the end of each round advances to the following week.
  • In the event of a tie, the higher seed would advance to the next round. Should both chapters be seeded the same, the tie-breaker would then go to the chapter that recruited the most predentals the previous year.
  • Chapters have been seeded in the tournament based on how many predentals they recruited during the 2016 membership year.

Predental Recruiting Tips

  • Need an ASDA promotional kit for your predental event? Register your event and ASDA will send a kit to you ASAP.
  • When holding a predental event (workshop, predental day, etc.) build the cost of membership ($63) into the cost of registration.
  • Renewals count! Contact ASDA for a list of your predental members that are up for renewal.
  • Hold multiple events (school tours, workshops, etc.). The first round ends on March 19, 2017, so you have plenty of time!
  • Create an incentive for your chapter members to recruit predentals.
  • Obtain a sponsor for your predental events to provide scholarships for your attendees.
  • Partner with local predental clubs and chapters to recruit.
  • Use ASDA resources, such as Predental Recruitment How-to-Guide and presentations.
  • Reach out to your undergraduate university. You are not limited to recruiting predentals near your dental school!
  • Work with your admissions staff to connect with predentals touring and interviewing at your school.
  • Don’t save your recruitment efforts until the end. You need to build on your score each week to advance to the next round.


Why isn't my chapter listed in the tournament?
This contest is limited to predoctoral chapters. Chapters that have alerted ASDA of their inability to recruit predentals have been excluded from the tournament.

How can a chapter submit their recruited predentals to ASDA?
Your chapter can direct predentals to apply online, listing your chapter as the referring chapter. You can also submit your predentals via spreadsheet with payment to ASDA headquarters.

Is my chapter limited to recruiting predentals at my surrounding schools or within my state?
No, you are allowed to recruit eligible predentals from anywhere.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Brian Jones, membership development manager, at or (312) 440-2841.

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17 ASDA Bracket Challenge Round 2



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