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Gold Crown Awards - Chapter Achievements
Gold Crown Awards -
Chapter Achievements

The Gold Crown Chapter Achievement Awards honor outstanding accomplishments by ASDA chapters in serving members in accordance with the Ideal Chapter criteria.

Chapter Achievement Categories

  • Ideal ASDA Chapter
  • Most Improved Chapter
  • Rookie Chapter of the Year  
  • Outstanding Membership & Communications
  • Outstanding Advocacy Initiatives
  • Outstanding Activities
  • Outstanding Fundraising
  • Outstanding Predental Involvement
  • Outstanding Ethical Awareness
  • Most Creative Presentation
  • Auto-enrollment Implementation*
  • Largest Membership Market Share*

*These awards will be presented at the Gold Crown Awards ceremony, but does not require an application. 

Application Guidelines & Award Criteria

Applications will be posted in the fall of 2015 and must be submitted electronically as a PDF and as a hard copy (to be considered for best presentation) by Jan. 8, 2016. Please review the application in its entirety for complete guidelines and criteria. Applications cannot be submitted by a district trustee or any ASDA national leader. Contact Danielle Bauer, director of membership and marketing, at with questions.


Judging is based on standards of excellence itemized in the award criteria. ASDA’s Ideal Award committee, which consists of members of the Council on Membership and other national leaders, will judge the entries. Winners will be recognized at the Gold Crown Ceremony held during Annual Session.

Tips for preparing a winning entry

  • Download tips gathered from previous winners to help get your application started.
  • Look through the gallery of past winners for examples of winning work.
  • Organize your application to follow the criteria listed under each category. This makes it much easier for the review committee to evaluate.
  • Use examples and photos in your entry to illustrate each category.
  • Appoint a historian to build your entry year-round.
  • Use numbers and facts to backup your chapter successes (How much money did you raise? How many students attended the event?). Avoid generalizations about what usually happens.
  • Include what makes your chapter stand out or unique. Don’t just say, "holds lunch and learns." Tell how many, how often and what types.

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Los Angeles students show off their 2015 IDEAL ASDA Chapter Award onstage.

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