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Mouth Summer 2014

You're busy but you still want to stay on top of the latest themes in dentistry. Opening a practice, dental outreach and the big issues affecting health care are important to you. That's where Mouth comes in. Mouth is a quarterly magazine that features a theme each issue. But you'll also find all the departments you've come to expect from ASDA publications like financial matters, the issues and a predental section.

Starting a practice 101
By Erinne Kennedy, Nova Southeastern ’15, contributing editor  

B eing your own boss is the most attractive benefit as a practice owner. This freedom comes with responsibility, and most relatively new grads are not prepared to be a business owner. This timeline offers advice on starting your own business as a new graduate.

First, choose location wisely. Young dentists can forget this location is where they will spend the next 30 years. Linda Marek, vice president for Paragon Management Associates, Inc., states, “Many people are fooled by the desire to stay in an urban setting –some of the most profitable opportunities are in a rural setting. A 30-mile drive to a setting where there are plenty of patients is a simple sacrifice to make for a long-term career.”

Marek also recommends networking with local dentists, local dental society members, study club members, laboratories, supply reps and the chamber of commerce. Research the demographics of the area before graduation. Contact the ADA component in your state and the local chamber of commerce for current statistics on your location. Contact a long-standing equipment specialist through your local dental distributor.

Scott Petroff, an equipment specialist from Patterson Dental in the Columbus area, says the equipment specialist is the quarterback of your team who will organize the other professionals that will materialize your ideal new office. The team includes an architect, a contractor, interior decorators and real estate agents to plan your office. Keep reading… 

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