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Leader UpdateYou're not just any leader, you're a new brand of leader. You use new technologies to connect with people in your chapter or district and you're shaping what leadership looks like today. To better represent you, the Leader Update got a makeover for 2016! More than just deadlines and reminders, The New Leader will deliver the content you want and need to grow in your role at your chapter or district. We'll feature individuals, as well as ASDA chapters, in hopes that you'll be inspired by ideas and successes from around the country. Whether you've been in your position just a few weeks or you're getting ready to pass the torch, let The New Leader be your guide. Like our new look? Let us know!





The New Leader - March 2017 New leaders, award winners and opportunities
The New Leader - February 2017 Lobby Day and predental recruitment incentives
The New Leader - January 2017 Elections and Lobby Day approaching

The New Leader - December 2016 Major deadlines approaching
The New Leader - November 2016 Volunteer, achieve and compete
The New Leader - October 2016 Leadership and award opportunities
The New Leader - September 2016 Scholarships and incentives for members and chapters
The New Leader - August 2016 NLC deadlines & NHSC loan repayments
The New Leader - July 2016 Meet ASDA's externs and prepare for NLC
The New Leader - June 2016 Awards, conference and reading list for leaders
The New Leader - May 2016 Apply now for leadership awards and chapter grants
The New Leader - April 2016 Chapter grants and Advocate Award recipients



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