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What happens when dentistry turns deadly 

Family members said Daisy Lynn Torres was a happy baby and full of life when she went to Austin Children's Dentistry in Texas for a routine cavity filling. On the advice of her dentist, Dr. Michael Melanson, Daisy's parents chose to put her under anesthesia.

"Then her mother called me and asked me to pray because something went wrong and they were taking her to the hospital," Daisy's aunt Jessica Castaneda, told the American Statesman in March. "Next thing we know, we're planning funeral arrangements."

An autopsy in June found that 14-month-old Daisy was given propofol, nitrous oxide and sevoflurane at concentrations typical for patients undergoing anesthesia. The anesthesia - administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist, not Dr. Melanson - likely caused her heartbeat to become abnormally slow. The report said that Daisy's death was the result of complications from anesthesia, not the procedure itself. Her official cause of death was listed as "undetermined."

Two days later, a separate forensic review of Daisy's medical records noted that "no indication of dental disease or pathology" was visible in her X-rays, and questioned why she needed dental work in the first place. Keep reading.... 

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