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ASDA Membership & ADA Student Membership
ASDA Membership &
ADA Student Membership

As an ASDA member and ADA student member, you get the same benefits as dentists do — plus more!

The ADA: Helping you Succeed throughout Your Career

The ADA is America’s leading advocate for oral health. It helps dentists succeed and advances the oral health of the public. The ADA represents nearly 157,000 dentist members (plus 20,000 dental student members). When the ADA advocates on the issues that impact dentistry, the association sends the powerful message that 7 out of 10 dentists stand behind the ADA.


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ADA Student Membership Benefits and Resources

Think of the Office of Student Affairs as your go-to group at the ADA. They can connect you with the people and information you need across the organization.

ADA Office of Student Affairs 800-621-8099 ext. 7470 


Access Members-only Area
As an ADA student member, you can access the Member Only content on, including the Member Center archives of Journal of American Dental Association, the Dental Practice Hub and more.

To log-in: When you visit Member Only content for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your User Name (this is your ADA member number) and Password. Enter your member number without dashes. You can find your member number on your ADA News or your member card. For help, contact the ADA Member Service Center at 800-621-8099 or

Read What Dentists Read
Receive the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), ADA News and sign up for e-publications, such as Advocacy Update and Practice and Thrive. Professional Product Review, which comes with JADA, provides unbiased product evaluations. Read more at

Photo courtesy of the
American Dental Association.

Prepare for Licensure and Post-graduation Plans

Licensure help:
Access exam location and expense overview, testing agency membership information and resources for international dentists in the Dental Examinations and Licensure area on Plus, download Understanding Licensure: The Dental Examination Process for the New Graduate.

Post-graduation planning:
If you’re considering a residency or graduate student program, review this site to aid your advanced specialty education. You can also find resources for Associateships and an overview of careers in dentistry in the careers section pages.

Attend a Success Dental Student Program

The ADA offers the Success programs to every class at every dental school, every year at no charge to students or schools. ADA member volunteers present programs that address career opportunities, practice management, working with the dental team, and more. Contact the ADA Office of Student Affairs at 312-440-7470 or for more information.

ADA Membership after Graduation

Your student membership in ASDA and the ADA will expire on Dec. 31 in the year of your graduation. You can apply for membership as a dentist at or contact your state dental society. If you’re going into practice, dues are $0 at the national level in your first year after of dental school and reduced rates continue for the next four years. Most states and local societies also offer reduced dues. If you are entering a graduate, residency or specialty training program, you can join as a Graduate Student Member for $30 and then enjoy the $0 national dues after completing your program.

Transitioning to Practice

The ADA offers a number of resources to help you plan your transition to practice.

New Dentist Committee

The ADA has devoted an entire agency to meeting the needs of new dentists — the ADA New Dentist Committee. Visit for information.

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